Inmarsat Prepaid Airtime [NEW CUSTOMER] 100 Units (90 Days Expiry)

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100 Units New SIM Card

Inmarsat Prepaid Airtime [NEW CUSTOMER] - 100 Units (90 Days Expiry)

For Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro and Isat 2 Satellite Phones. A New SIM Card and Satellite Phone Number will be issued to you FREE of charge.  No activation or SIM card fees apply. 

Critical Information Summary

Inmarsat is the number one Satellite Service in the world today and offers full global coverage minus the extreme polar regions and a small part of Alaska and Siberia.  Controlling costs is now extremely easy with Inmarsat's Pre-Paid Plans.  Based on units, Inmarsat Pre-Paid Airtime is very affordable and with a range of different expiry periods and unit amounts. Units are used at a rate in conjunction with the call type, so calls use more or less units depending on the type of satellite calls and SMS/Text messages.


PSTN / Landlines 1.5 / Min
Mobile / Cellular 1.5 / Min
SMS / Text (160 Characters)  0.60 / Per
Voicemail 1.5 / Min
IsatPhone Pro / GSPS     1.5 / Min




Pre-Paid Airtime is ADDED directly to your existing Satellite Phone SIM Card on the date specified on your order. Please check your balance after 24 hours and report issues via if necessary.  Please allow adequate time prior to your trip to check that airtime has been applied to the Pre-Paid SIM.  On a rare occasion, a SIM card may fail and a new SIM card will need to be sent to you (Free of charge), please consider the shipping time required for this to your location.  NI is not responsible for delays in airtime being added due to errors in the SIM cards, time delays in airtime application or responsible for loss of existing credits failing to roll over, etc.