ISAT Phone Pre Paid and Rental phones is just part of what we do.

Network Innovations provides a suite of mobile and stationary satellite and terrestrial wireless communication solutions for voice and data applications. These solutions improve communications and business operations which help our customers to reduce costs, expedite operational results, and improve field-staff safety conditions. We help our customers use their investment to support transformation, promote innovation, and enable them to do more for less. 

Network Innovations’ flexibility to custom design solutions and integrate various satellite communication technologies, that provide connectivity in remote and unusual environments, has set us apart from the competition. As a leading provider in both fixed and mobile satellite communications and large-scale, integration system solutions, Network Innovations prides itself on being able to deliver a superior service across the globe including engineering expertise, field-service representatives for installation, training, maintenance, network operation centres, and 24/7 customer support.
Having supplied satellite bandwidth to hundreds of VSAT systems globally, Network Innovations has been able to establish its global presence to a degree that is difficult to match by any other company. Network Innovations’ global staff of over 150 associates represents a typical corporate structure, consisting of Program Managers, Project Managers, RF Engineers, Network Engineers, Technicians as well as Procurement, Logistics, Financial, Contracting, and Administrative professionals.
As well as offering VSAT, NI is a tier one partner for a range of L-band satellite hardware manufacturers and airtime providers such as Cobham, Intellian, Hughes, Thales, Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya allowing NI customers to benefit from the best possible pricing and service.

For more informaiton about Network Innovations, please visit www.networkinv.com.  For sales enquiries, please email sales.au@networkinv.com