Rent a satellite handset for that short trip, work or adventure.  



[1]  How long do I need to allow before my leaving date to rent the satellite handset?

[A]  Please allow approximately 10-14 days or you may need to pay an express processing/shipping fee to meet your trip departure deadline.  Please feel free to book well in advance and lock in your rental.  Its actually a smart way to ensure you have a handset available.

[2]  How is the phone sent & returned?

[A]  NI sends the phone registered parcel post or courier and provided in a protective Pelican hard-case.  Return postage is included via a Post Bag and self addressed provided with the order.  So simply find a red Post Mail Box and post it at the end of your trip. (We allow 3 days either side for shipping send/return)

[3]  After I purchase the rental booking product through the online store, what else is required before I receive the rental satellite handset?

[A]  You are required to complete and return an original Satellite Equipment Rental Contract Form, which you will be emailed as soon as you complete the online booking process (click blue button link above)

[4]  Should I take out insurance on the satellite handset, and if so for how much?

[A]  Yes, it is advisable as once the handset is allocated a tracking number and posted the item is at your risk.  The handsets are your responsibility once dispatched so insuring the item is a wise decision and only a few extra dollars.

[5]  What comes with the satellite equipment rental?

[A]  You get all items required to charge the handset from your vehicle and wall socket power.  The phone is sent to you in a hard protective waterproof, crushproof Pelican case and quick start instructions on how to use the phone are also provided.

[6]  Is a satellite handset easy enough to use?

[A]  We think so, and have chosen the Inmarsat handset as the preferred rental phone because the satellite doesn't move and it connects better in valley's etc.  Just follow the simple instructions provided in the box and you'll be connected and getting help anywhere in no time.


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