COBHAM Aviator UAV 200

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COBHAM Aviator UAV 200

COBHAM Aviator UAV 200


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With the AVIATOR UAV 200, operators can now send flight commands to the UAV in real time. By making immediate route adjustments as and when necessary, not only does this significantly enhance mission flexibility but it can help to protect the UAV and other airspace users should it need to avoid potential threats or return to base.

Military applications

Today, tactical UAVs are widely used by military forces in war zones worldwide, with multiple applications ranging from “eye in the sky” surveillance and tactical communications for forward troops to path clearing operations in minefields.

By enabling basic image streaming, greater range, real-time flight control and an expanded payload, AVIATOR UAV 200 delivers invaluable tactical enhancements to an already indispensable piece of military hardware.

  • Greater mission range
  • Expanded payload
  • Image streaming and situational awareness

Safety and security

Real-time surveillance is essential for safety and security organisations that need effective ways to patrol restricted areas, such as borders or fishing zones, or for monitoring fires, volcanos, floods and other natural disasters.

By extending their range and capabilities through better connectivity and higher data throughput, AVIATOR UAV 200 enables tactical UAVs to play an even more pivotal role in enforcing border security and ensuring public safety.

  • Enhanced border security
  • Search and rescue
  • Real-time scene surveillance
  • Disaster management

Commercial use

Businesses across a variety of industries and sectors rely on tactical UAVs for a broad range of commercial applications, including mapping surveys, mineral exploration and oil pipeline monitoring.

With better and lighter satcom technology, AVIATOR UAV 200 enables businesses to get more value from each flight through faster data transfer, greater operational range and the ability to preview and move more data from a variety of sensors to ground control and data collection/analysis points. 

  • Crop management
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Pipeline monitoring

Scientific research

Tactical UAVs are used extensively within the scientific community for observing events or places that pose a potential danger or are inaccessible to human beings, for example volcanoes, and rural, arctic or mountain areas.

With the ability to carry a broader array of scientific equipment further and for longer, AVIATOR UAV 200 transforms tactical UAVs into a highly flexible, multi-purpose tool for many types of scientific research and exploration.

  • Improved research capabilities
  • Monitor natural disasters in real time
  • Conduct detailed, non-invasive research


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