BEAM Aero Iridium/GPS Aviation Antenna (TSO Approved)

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BEAM Aero Iridium/GPS Aviation Antenna (TSO Approved) (RST704)
Aviation  Applications Only

BEAM Aero Iridium/GPS Aviation Antenna (TSO Approved - C-144) 

Beam RST704 TSO Aero Approved dual mode Iridium & GPS patch antenna, designed for aero applications. The RST704 dual mode patch Aero antenna is supplied complete with bulkhead mount that enables it to be securely mounted without the connectors being exposed to the environment. Beam RST704 dual mode patch antenna is fitted with an SMA female connector for GPS and a TNC for Iridium and will work with all Beam tracking products or other Iridium / GPS based devices.

TSO Approved C-144  
Altitude 55,000'  
Colour White  
Connector TNC / SMA  
Operating Temp Celsius -55° to +85° Fahrenheit -67° to 185°
Weight 4.5oz or .28lb Max  
Finish Weatherable Polymer  
Power handling 10 Watts  
VSWR < 2.0 : 1  
Impedance 50 OHMS  
Noise Figure 2.5db Max  
Axial Ratio 3db Max  
Polarization Right Hand Circular  
Frequency 1621 +/- 5MHz 1575 +/- 5MHz
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