Spend Management Tools

Network Innovations offers a number of ways to ensure you as a consumer are notified of usage limits or values to assist with the management of your satellite airtime usage.


As the name implies, the "Pre-Paid" services offered by both Inmarsat & Iridium Satellite Networks provide a value which cant be used above its face value. i.e. If you purchase 100 units of "pre-paid" airtime than you only have 100 units value in which to use. Please refer carefully to the "burn rate" value to ensure you have enough credits before departing to a location that doesn't allow the ability to recharge these credits without the need for terrestrial internet connection.


These type of plans allow for notification alerts as you reach certain values.  We have set with the satellite services "notification limits" at dollar values of $50, $100 etc.  Please refer to your Post-Paid Airtime Application form in which you will be required to notify us of any limits you would like an email notification of.  Your application will not proceed without this section completed to protect you and us from excessive usage and large satellite airtime bills.  Please see the Post-Paid Airtime Application Form HERE.

When you are approved for a Post-Paid Airtime Plan you will receive an account manager who can also provide usage advice and assistance with designing a plan that suits you.  Please complete the section below if you require any assistance with your existing account or have questions regarding having an account.

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