Isatphone PRO Troubleshooting Guide



 My phone will not switch on

Check if the battery is inserted correctly

Check if the battery needs charging. Charging for 20 minutes should provide enough power to switch the phone on

If the battery does not charge it has probably exceeded its usage period and you will need to replace it with a new one




My phone cannot make or

receive calls

Ensure the SIM card is inserted in the phone and is fully provisioned by your service provider 

Check you have a valid GPS fix

Ensure the phone’s antenna is fully extended and you have a clear line of sight to the satellite. At least two signal bars are required to make/receive calls

If you have less than two bars signal strength, rotate the phone and angle the antenna until the signal strength increases and you are able to make and receive calls

If the phone has sufficient signal strength and cannot make or receive calls, check if Call barring, Diverting calls or Fixed number dialing have been activated

If you have a prepay subscription, check your prepay balance to ensure you have sufficient credit to make a call.


My phone cannot receive

a text message

The phone can store a maximum of 20 messages in its memory. If the memory is full, delete a few texts to free up memory for new messages.

If you still cannot receive a text, your service center number may not be correct.


 My phone continues to

display Searching satellite…

Ensure your phone’s antenna is fully extended

Ensure your phone’s antenna is pointed towards the satellite. Press Help for on-screen guidance. Consult the Inmarsat Coverage map to ensure you are within coverage

Ensure there is a clear line of sight to the satellite with no obstacles which could block the signal.



 My phone displays a language

I do not understand

Press the red key to return to the main screen

Press the left selection key to go to the menu screen

Press the down navigation key twice to highlight the Tools Settings icon

Press the centre selection key to open Settings

Press the down navigation key twice to highlight the Language icon and press the centre selection key

Press the centre selection key and use the navigation keys to highlight the correct language and press the centre selection key again to change the phone’s language


My phone does not display a GPS position

Some national policies do not allow users to access their GPS information in particular locations. Your phone continues to access the GPS satellites as usual, but your phone will not display its GPS location


 My phone does not seem to

receive voicemails

Ensure your satellite handset has voicemail enabled

If you have not used your phone and connected to the network for some time, it may be that your voicemails have been automatically deleted from the network. Ensure that you connect to the network at regular intervals

My phone and/or SIM has

been lost or stolen

Contact Network Innovations on 1300 140 150 as soon as possible so your phone and/or SIM can be barred

Still experiencing issues?  Please go to and select the form that suits from Service Forms (Bottom of page)

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