How to's - Inmarsat Isatphone Pro Basics



[1]  How to charge your Inmarsat Isatphone Pro from a wall socket

On the bottom of the phone you will see a small blue cover, simply pop the hatch using a fingernail in the little gap. 

In the Inmarsat Isatphone Pro kit you will have received a wall charger with multiple connectors for different wall sockets around the world.  Simply select the correct socket connector for the particular country you are in and secure by sliding the relevant connector into place in the blank slide.  Ensure you hear a secure 'click', if not remove and ensure you have found both sides of the connector in place on the grooves on the blank.  Depress the button on the blank to remove the connector.

[2]  How to charge your Inmarsat Isatphone Pro from a car cigarette lighter point (12Volt)

Gently place the cigarette lighter power unit into your vehicles cigarette lighter and the other end securely into the phone from the bottom.

[3]  How to turn the sat phone ON/OFF

Gently but firmly press the RED power button for approximately 4-5 seconds until you see the screen light up and display an Inmarsat logo.  Do the same to turn the phone off.

[4]  How to get a connection to the satellites

Keeping the antenna closed, turn the handset on.  Wait for the message "Deploy antenna for satellite service" then get to a clear area and you have a clear view of the sky.  (The more sky you can see the better).  Hold the phone in front of you with the antenna facing up and away from you.  Stand in one spot and slowly turn your body in a circle until you see the small white bars increase in the left top corner of the phone.  When this happens stop turning and stand still to receive the signal strength.  You can slightly turn should you want to refine the signal strength.

[5]  How to check your credit balance (Pre-Paid)

Ensure the phone is turned on, and the antenna is deployed and has satellite connection. 


Menu-Tools-Prepay-Balance Inquiry

This will talk with the satellite and provide your remaining credits/units and their date of expiry.


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