How to 'Recharge your airtime'

Recharging your airtime is easy by following a couple of simple steps below you will be ready for your next adventure.

STEP 1.  Check your existing balance.

Stand outside with a clear view of the sky, turn the handset on (Antenna closed) and when the blue screen appears saying "deploy antenna" ensure you are clear of objects and open the antenna.

Ensure you have a connection then, Go to MENU-TOOLS-PREPAY-CHECK BALANCE.  

This will report from the satellite your balance and expiry.  Remember to read the date in reverse as the expiry is listed in US Date Format being a global system.

STEP 2.  Low credit.

Okay, so you need to top up. (How to recharge online guide booklet)

1.  Go to  and simply select the airtime block you require and proceed to checkout via your online store account.

Pre-Paid Airtime is ADDED directly to your existing Satellite Phone SIM Card, so please check your balance after 48 hours and report issues via if necessary.  

Please allow adequate time prior to your trip to check that airtime has been applied to the Pre-Paid SIM, so check your balance after the 48 hour window.  Occasionally SIM cards fail and a new SIM card will need to be sent to you (Free of charge), please consider the shipping time required for this to your location.  Network Innovations is not responsible for delays in airtime being added due to errors in the SIM cards, time delays in airtime application or responsible for loss of existing credits failing to roll over etc (Refer Terms & Conditions of Service Section 13).

Please note we do not process prepaid orders on the weekend, so order received after COB Friday will not be processed until the following Business day, in most cases the following Monday unless there is a Monday Public holiday and it will be processed on the Tuesday

STEP 2.  Check Airtime has been applied after 48 hours

STEP 3.  Head off on your adventure

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