How to choose airtime

When choosing airtime for your satellite phone consider some of the following:

Type of phone

Make sure you select the right airtime for the right sat phone.  Choose Inmarsat for the Inmarsat handset and Iridium for the Iridium handsets etc.

Your usage

There are basically two (2) choices when it comes to usage and selecting the right plan for you. 

If you are using the phone as an emergency phone or just occasionally then the best plan may be a Pre Paid plan.  This way you can keep an eye on costs.  But make sure you do!!  If you run out of credit in the field you will not be able to communicate effectively.  Give yourself ample time before departure (7-10 days is best) and allow 48 hours for the credit to be applied.

If you will use the sat phone more often and don't want to worry about "top ups" or "recharges" or taking a risk that you may run out of airtime in the field, then select a Post paid Plan.  You can still keep an eye on costs with our "dollar limit notifications" which allows us to set limits with suspend or limits with notifications directly with the satellites.

Type of plan

Choose the type of plan that suits your usage and make sure you select VOICE or DATA according to your particular requirement. Voice is for standard usage, phone calls, SMS, Text Messaging etc and Data is for BGAN Units or portable satellite internet terminals.

When using a pre-paid system select the appropriate airtime to suit the possible length of time you will be travelling or your pattern of usage.  Always have more airtime than you think you will need using this system as you cant simply recharge.  Better to have and not need, than need and not have!!

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