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Satellite Tracking Software (Dedicated tracking website)

In todays aviation world as never before it is vital to know the whereabouts of aircraft assets and ensure the safety of staff.  This has been highlighted by the recent MH370 Malaysia Airlines flight and the inability to locate the last known approximate whereabouts.  

Global satellite tracking using the Iridium & Inmarsat networks allow us to offer real time, recent or time set positioning anywhere on the planet.

Tracking solution equipment prices are affordable and coupled with a small monthly data subscription service linked via satellite globally allows a webpage view using your PC or iPad.  This is a very affordable low cost alternative to other products like Skytracker whilst offering greater flexibility.


Track vehicle fleets, manage their usage and protect these valuable assets from incorrect usage or abuse.  Or, simply provide your business a more efficient use of assets through transparent management.  You can track not only position, but telemetry and vital statistics or set alerts for out of area etc.  Save fuel costs for your fleet by managing the vehicles operations in a more efficient manner.


Track Mobile/Cell phones though the easy to use portal linked with the GSatTrack APP available in the App Store or Google Play.  See where all your company staff are on one page and provide them the peace of mind with an SOS feature built into the App.


Using state of the art satellite tracking solutions we currently track aircraft real time with data reporting bursts globally.  Subscriptions for the service are customised allowing for aircraft type, speed, operating ceiling etc and budgets.

Subscriptions are a generally a minimal cost and allow far reaching features.  Alerts include, Power-up, Taxi, Geo-Fence Boundaries, Speed and Location alerts viable from a PC or iPad anywhere.

Call our aviation experts that have extensive operational experience in civil and military aircraft to provide a solution for your aircraft tracking needs.

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