Global Xpress

Global Xpress can be accessed through a range of portable, fixed and mobile terminals and a wide variety of service plans will allow us to meet your communications requirements, wherever your business is distributed.

Global Xpress will deliver the first global Ka-band high-speed broadband service from a single satellite network operator, and will be the only service to offer continuous, end-to-end high bandwidth, seamlessly, worldwide.

Whether it’s a remote office wanting to connect to headquarters, a company requiring quick-deploy voice and data, a school looking to connect to eLearning applications or an oil and gas company needing global high-speed broadband internet and voice for their dispersed assets, Global Xpress will enable organisations with multi-regional requirements to overcome the limitations of terrestrial infrastructure and legacy VSAT services.

MGLSAT can now offer you solutions for all of your remote communications from satellite phones, machine-to-machine communications and highly portable broadband data and voice access in the L-band spectrum, through to high-speed broadband for your remote operations with Global Xpress.

It sets a new standard in combining reliability and simplicity with a low total cost of ownership and comes from a trusted supplier that’s been delivering critical communications to enterprise for over 30 years.

Applications supported by Global Xpress

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) support and managed VoIP service
  • Video teleconferencing
  • Branch office applications (eg VPN access, SAP, Citrix, email)
  • Real-time video and audio streaming
  • Real-time interactive collaboration and situational awareness
  • High-speed broadband for internet access
  • High-speed file transfer
  • Video surveillance
  • Telemedicine

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