EPIRBS & Rescue Beacons

EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) are designed to float in the water to optimise the signal to the satellite. An EPIRB is required to operate for a minimum of 48 hours continuously once activated. An EPIRB has a lanyard that is used to secure it to something that is not going to sink so that it can float free.

There have been a number of incidents where vessels have sunk quickly and crew have not been able to deploy an EPIRB. In such incidents, float-free EPIRBs may have reduced response times and saved lives. Float-free EPIRBs are held in a bracket and fitted with a hydrostatic release that is water activated deploying the beacon automatically if the vessel sinks. If the vessel continues to float then the EPIRB can be manually deployed where a distress situation exists.

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